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LEON - easyllion prizes

An event that strikes with its scale! A cash prize fund of 10,000,000 rubles for the luckiest one on the eve of Euro 2020, a premium-class car, and massive gifts to participants of Bookmaker Leon’s events.

For such a powerful action item, you need a reliable ambassador, so we decided to collaborate with the maestro of humour, a comedian, charismatic man Maxim Galkin. A series of videos and banners for the website and advertising platforms with the image of Maxim automatically attracted new customers and pleased the regulars.


Collaboration negotiations, preparing the content, developing the concept of the event and photo-video formats with the artist
Creative approach
Writing scripts for commercials with Maxim Galkin, designing promotional materials for shootings
Photographing Maxim Galkin for advertising banners, site pages and campaign materials


Звездный состав

01 . Екатерина Набойченко
02 . Мария Кравченко
03 . Джефф Монсон
04 . Слава КПСС
05 .
06 .
07 .
08 .
09 .
10 .
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