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Eldar Dzharakhov

The little man riding big Hype. Publicity from Dzharakhov is a nice way to attract customers and increase brand awareness. Leaders of young opinion are video bloggers. Of course, the cooperation with bloggers is necessary to focus the population’s attention on the brand of this segment.

A task

Advertising integration into the video "Pokeball" for the song of Eldar Dzharakhov. Advertising of the current promotion for Bookmaker Leon.


Creative approach
Developing promotional integration and inventing an organic story
Packaging of integration and communication with the audience of the blogger for analysis of interests



The video has more than 30 million views on the web. Also, at the end of the video, Eldar himself advertises Bookmaker Leon at the end of the action item, which, of course, gives extra activity rates on the bookmaker's website

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