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Bookmaker Leon is sponsoring a new type of fistfights promotion in Russia. “TOP DOG” is the name for spectacular brawls among regular guys. The USA’s “Bare Knuckle FC” gather fighters in a rounded ring, and in the Russian promo, they fight in a ring circled with sheaves of hay instead of ropes.

Fistfight traditions are experiencing a second breath, and Bookmaker Leon is rocketing into this exciting and challenging realm. New heights and the modern audience, tens of thousands of new customers and opportunities for Bookmaker Leon.


The new heavens are gaining momentum, and YouTube recordings of fights are breaking all records. The perfect segment for brand promotion
Brand Integration
Every YouTube video branded as "TOP DOG" contains brand elements Bookmaker Leon, our partner
Negotiations with the "TOP DOG" team, contract launch, development of the promotional action
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